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    Accessing pins in an ISR

      This is probably a stupid question but how to I access my pins in an ISR? (some include file I guess)

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          If you look at the system ref guide, help menu, there is an api section for GPIO.




          This also might help -




          http://www.cypress.com/?rID=93401     AN86439 - PSoC® 4 - Using GPIO Pins




          Regards, Dana.

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            Thanks, I found the answer in AN90799 PSoC®4 Interrupts.


            The answer was to include the pinsname.h file.


            I have seen many examples with the CY_ISR routines in the main.c so I cut and pasted my routine out of its 'buried' location in the generated code into the main.c and it worked.


            Have not found any documentation that shows this yet, what are the pros and cons of this?





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              I have used both blindly w/o investigating the .lst file to see what code is


              generated, if any code density/speed advantage one over the other.




              I think the C ISR a little more "readable" then hunting in non user generated files


              for the placeholders. Also seems under user control it eliminates any changes on


              tool vendor side.




              Regards, Dana.