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    LIDAR Lite I2C project




      I am working on a project for a LIDAR Lite scanner - this unit has an I2C interface and seems capable of the range and accuracy I need. ( http://www.robotshop.com/media/files/pdf/operating-manual-llm20c132i500s011.pdf  ) 


      However, I cannot seem to get it running on the PSOC. I got the sample code working with Arduino(so the sensor is ok) but no luck on the PSOC5lp. 


      The main problems I have is that the I2C is still a bit confusing for me - I got it running for accelerometers and gyros but I'm still not 100% sure on how everything works. I get the gist but stil find the datasheet a bit confusing. 


      So, my main question is how I send a specific value to a specific register. And how do I read a specific register from the unit? -I suppose I am doing the right thing in my code but...


      I am quite confused as I used the same code that's working for my gyro and accelerometers with no luck on this LIDAR. Attached the code in the text file. 


      Thank you for the help!