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    I get these UDB errors while using three UART blocks, one timer and one bootloader block..



      In my project I am using the CY8CKIT-049-42XX prototype kit, my program consists of three UART blocks, one timer block, and one bootloader blocks.


      One UART block connects to a RN171 wifi module, while the other to a serial TTL camera, the third block connects to PC (programmer USB port).


      When building I get these error...


      "Resource limit: Maximum number of UDB Macrocells exceeded (max=32, needed=43)."


      "Resource limit: Maximum number of UDB Unique Pterms exceeded (max=64, needed=87)."


      "Resource limit: Maximum number of UDB Datapath Cells exceeded (max=4, needed=5)."


      "Resource limit: Maximum number of UDB Status Cells exceeded (max=4, needed=6)."




      Please can anyone tell me how I can solve this...I hope the hardware does not need to be changed.


      Please see attached workspace bundle.