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    Programming the EZ-BLE PRoC Module

      I am laying out my pcb for my EZ-BLE PRoC Module and am wondering about how I am going to be programming and debugging it.


      I believe that I only need SWDCLK ( P0[7] ) and SWDIO ( P0[6] ) and GND connected to 'some programming device' to do this.


      I assume I can do this using by using my BLE Pioneer Kit board as the programming device.


      Would I simply remove the BLE Module board from the Pioneer Kit board and connect these three wires from my independently powered EZ-BLE board ( lithium cell) and use PSoC Programmer software?


      AND, since I do not want an extra header on the board I am designing, what are the pros and cons of this idea:


      I am charging my lithium cell using external 5v supplied from a micro-usb receptacle that I am installing on the board.  Since I don't think there is a USB stack for the PRoC, I was NOT going to use D+ and D- on the USB receptacle at all.  BUT, could I just put SWDCLK ( P0[7] ) to D- and SWDIO ( P0[6] ) to D+ and make a special USB cable for programming that connects to my BLE Pioneer Kit board?  I am wondering what will happen when I plug a usb cable from my PC into my board to charge the battery, will I just get a 'Unrecognized hardware' message from windows or worse?