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    cy3684 kit vendor command example question

      I tried the cy3684 kit's example, when I test the vendor command I found a problem:


      I use the large eeprom 24lc128 (128kbit or 16kbyte), I use vendor command "A9" "Out" mode to write "11 11 11 ....."(64 in total) to address started from 0x3FC0 (the xValue I put into the cy console software interface), it works.


      But when I change the xValue to 0xFFFF and write another one "11" (only 1 byte), it works too after I recycled the power, the "11" content at 0xFFFF still exists!


      the 24lc128 only has 0x0-0x3FFF address range, where does the xValue=0xFFFF locate at?


      I am confused.