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    Interrupt driven UART EZ-BLE CYBLE-022001-00

      I've been trying to understand how to use the UART with interrupt on Rx data but can't even get reliable polling to work when running stand alone.


      I'm using the example project in AN96841, added a UART at 9600,8,1,n on P1_4 and P1_5 so I can use the Pioneer board as a USB-UART bridge to test and debug.  At best I get the UART to receive and send while in debug mode but can't seem to understand why it won't work in stand alone.  Transmission seems to be incomplete.  At this point I've only confused myself on receiving.  BLE section seems to be running fine and I can scan and connect with the pioneer kit dongle.


      Are there any real world UART examples for PRoC with interrupt handling of the received data?  I think this is the first device that doesn't start with an example with interrupts.  I can't find any with the development environment examples.  I can't find any posts that actually point to an example.  Maybe I have something configured wrong but the 198 page DS doesn't seem to show how to use it.


      An example would go along way.