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    Can't Configure a low frequency clock like say a 10 hz or even 100 hz

              Hi,this problem is different from the RTC post, I'm just trying to do a simple debouncer circuit to test an issue. PSOC 3.2 creater PSOC 4M/4200M pioneerkit -44 version System clock is HFCLK48Mhz DEvice selected isCY8C4247AZI-M485 which is what the chip is on the M version of the pioneer kit. When I do a regular clock of say 100 hz, I get this message: Unable to create a divider of 480000 for clock "SwClock." The maximum possible divider for this device is 65536. Too large of or too many clock dividers requested. There is a maximum number of clock dividers (used for digital, analog, and fixed function clocks) available depending on the device selected. I can't change the souce from the HFCLock and I can't change anything in the design wide clock screen to have this clock get its source from the 32khz LFCLK. I know from the datasheet that there are 16 dividers so I don't know why it won't let me create a low frq clock. The examples projects don't work for this pioneer kit ONly earlier kits. I even looked at http://www.cypress.com/blog/psoc-sensei-blog clock example. I tried adding another clock to divide the 48mhz down some, but when I add the second clock, it doesn't give me the first clock as a choice for a source. Only Auto and or HFCLock. Even under the existing tab it doesn't list the first clock So how do I use a really low freq clock like I've seen used onother kits?