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    Losing BLE Connection



      I am using the BLE chip for an application.  I am using it without the development kit. The problem is that, I lose the bluetooth connection between the phone and the BLE chip randomly when using the Cysmart app. So sometimes I have connection and sometimes I do not. Since the development kit is no longer attached, I cannot use the reset button to cause a refresh. This means that I either have to switch on and off bluetooth on the phone(which does not always work), or I have to switch off the mains (power supply to device where BLE chip is connected. ) 


      One thing I did was to remove the deep sleep part of the code from the BLE chip (does this not defeat the whole purpose of BLE?). But I think the problem comes from the phone (app) now, that is, a connection is not retained. 


      Any suggestions on how to solve this problem?


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