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    How to program the 20732 (not module)?

      I have just got back a couple of boards built around the BCM20732 chip (not the module) and am having a little trouble programming the chip. I have a tried a number of ways including using the method suggested on this forum, using cgs.exe and ChipLoad.exe. I am using the following cable to program the chip using HCI UART: (http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/TTL-232R-3V3-2MM/768-1095-ND/2507857)


      I guess one of the questions that keeps coming up within me is whether or not the EEPROM is required to run my application code? I have not included either an external EEPROM or any serial flash memory, is this required?


      If not, which would be a huge relief, how do I go about programming the board? It seems the WICED IDE and even the ChipLoad is set up to program directly to EEPROM, as they are looking for it. Is there another software tool that would allow me to this?


      Any help would be much appreciated.



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