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    Multiple CMP_DATA actions share comparator/unmask values


      To whom it may concern,


      I am trying to use the CMP_DATA action in multiple states in a GPIF II state machine (for Cypress FX3 USB). However, whenever I set the "Comparator value" and "Unmask value" fields for one CMP_DATA action in the GPIF2 Designer, it appears to set the comparator and unmask values for all instances of the CMP_DATA action in the state machine. Is it not possible to use different comparator and unmask values in multiple instances of the CMP_DATA action (where each CMP_DATA action belongs to its own state)? For example, I would like to add the CMP_DATA action to State0 and set the comparator value to 128, while adding a CMP_DATA action to State1 and setting its comparator value to 64.


      If it is possible, then the GPIF2 Designer's state machine editor would appear to have a bug. If that is indeed the case, then are the data structures in the generated header file documented (e.g. waveforms) such that it can be patched? As an aside, I am also interested in parallel to/from serial conversions using the state machine.


      Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely,


      Daniel Madill