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    cy_clock advanced tab not shown in config dialog


      I need to run a PWM block with a fixed clock and have that clock, along with the PWM signal available on output pins.


      When I try to use the TCPWM block, it requires a cy_clock module, rejects my use of a FreqDiv.  So I configure a cy_clock to drive it and then can not get that connected to an external pin.


      I see, in the datasheet, that there should be an advanced tab on the clock configuration that allows me to set the type to something that might be usable but that tab is not present. I'm guessing it's not available with the specific part I'm using (CY8C4245AXI-483 44-TQFP)


      I also tried using a frequency divider to one of the PWM modules but had trouble making them work.


      I really just need a basic PWM controllable output with the clock signal.




      I apologize if this is a stupid question. Thank you for any help...