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    PDM MEMS mic & USB audio using the CY8C5666...


      Hi there,


      Im looking to develop a low noise MEMS mic based USB audio input device for an urban noise sensing project in NYC and have started with the excellent code example provided at "USB audio using the PSoC 5LP"


      However, Im looking to use the CY8C5666LTI-LP005, as the CY8C5868LTI-LP039 used in the example puts us over budget for our bulk build stage.


      So far it seems that the cheaper MCU is only packing 20 Programmable Universal Digital Blocks, whereas the code example as it is requires 24, which the more expensive MCU can provide.


      Build error: 


      Resource limit: Maximum number of UDB Datapath Cells exceeded (max=20, needed=24). (App=cydsfit)


      The example code provides functionality for audio input and output, but seeing as I only require audio input, Im wondering if I can reclaim some of those UDB datapath cells and successfully build and deploy the code. Im not sure if the audio output stages even use the UDB, but Im hoping someone out there does!


      Ive also attached the code (setup with the cheaper MCU as the target device) if someone out there is familiar with it and could shed some light on the matter Id be extremely grateful.