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    PSoC1 Download


      Is there a method to read a program on a 27443 directly from the chip? 

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          As long as the chip is not protected you may read the flash memory from it using PSoC programmer. This is not the C-language which is normally spoken of as "code" or "source code". That you can get from the designer only.


          Tell us a bit more about what your problem is, maybe we can help you.





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            Thanks Bob and Rolf, I altered the system clock from one iteration to the next (a number of times -- attempting to optimise the effect) and I am left with a model that operates less efficiently than the last!! Because I changed the sysclock many times I cannot recall the best version. Poor documentation on my part. I will experiment again but was hoping for a lifesaver out there.


            Chris D.

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              Maybe a stretch but using a spectrum analyzer, looking at Vdd, maybe


              spot a clock fundamentals and harmonics......to identify the FclockX....




              Regards, Dana.

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                Thanks Dana,


                I will try the usual suspects. it will take extra time but serves me right for not documenting. Lesson learned.


                Chris D.