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    PSoC5LP  CAN-device Baudrate Selection

      Hello dear Colleagues @CDC


      I am new to use of CAN bus. ( never did before)


      My task is to setup a CANopen bus remotenode with 50kbps baudrate network speed, based on a CY8C5868AXI-LP035 Chip.
      This desired  baudrate value is not selectable from the CAN configuration tool (CAN_v3_0).
      I use the PSoC-Creator 3.2 SP1.


      My point of Start is the Code Example (CE95283) with my Kit-050LP
      (5.0Volt; 24MHz XTAL) and CAN_Bus TRX IC (MCP2561) attached..


      Can anybody help ?


      best regards Markus

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          Hello Markus,


          The dropdown does not contain 50kbps, but you can directly enter the value in the baudrate textbox. Then select the desired Tseg1, Tseg2, BRP values from the auto generated table.





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            hello Keerthi


            thank you for this hint,
            i have tried to enter the value direct in the scroll-down-field and made it to build the project with success. :-)
            i can not say if its properly working with 50kbps, since i am prior to start coding.
            just finished my CAN- Interface with MCP2551 device.


            (next step will be to look for a simple CAN-monitor to see what data is send by my CAN-master device


            to respond properly in the next steps.. (i hope i can use PSoC5LP for doing this job...still some miles to go.)