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    Programming EZ-BLE PRoC Module


      I have my EZ-BLE soldered on my new pcb.


      I am trying to program it with BLE Pioneer Kit (CY8CKIT-042-BLE)


      I can program my EZ-BLE code into a PRoC BLE module that plugs into the BLE Pioneer Board.


      When I remove the PRoC BLE Module and attach my lithium cell powered EZ-BLE board with 4 wires (GND,XRES,SWDCK and SWDIO) to pins 4,6,8, and 10 of J11 on the BLE Pioneer Board and try to program my empty chip, my chip is not seen as the target and a window pops up asking if I want to debug the KitProg.


      I have put my logic analyzer on the SWD lines and XRES and captured the beginning activity after I click on 'Program' in PSoC Creator.


      Images attached of successful PRoC BLE module program and unrecognized EZ-BLE as described above.  Also in the image is a table describing the SWD_LineReset action which I think may be what I captured.


      Now I am stuck, I can't figure out why Clock starts high in the unrecognized capture.


      Not sure if that is relevant, nor whether the issue is no 1 clock Data low in the unregonized capture (which I don't see in the successful capture either :).


      This is getting too involved, what am I doing wrong?


      One clue may be that my board is drawing 10ma with an unprogrammed chip, can't figure out why that is so high either.


      Any ideas.





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          The first two captures were Clock state change triggered.


          Attached now is XRES triggered captures.


          This is where acquire chip stage starts according to CYBL10x6x, CY8C4127_BL, CY8C4247_BL Programming Specifications Document No. 001-91508 Rev. *B


          This doc states in 4.3Step 1 – Acquire Chip that:


          'In this case, the recommended way to enter Test mode is to start sending an acquire sequence right after XRES is toggled (or power is supplied in Power Cycle mode). This sequence is sent iteratively until it succeeds; that is, all SWD transactions are ACKed and all conditions are met.'


          In the successful capture you can see the repetitive request until about 1.1ms where it appears to get an ACK but never a response is received in the unrecognized capture.


          It looks like my EZ-BLE is not ACKing back.


          Any ideas how to debug this further?





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            After many attempts to solve this I resorted to removing the EZ-BLE from my pcb, soldered programming wires by hand onto its pads and was able to program it with the BLE Pioneer Board.


            I put the EZ-BLE back on my pcb and was then able to program it.


            Conclusion: I did not flow the solder paste long enough with my hot air station the first time I installed the EZ-BLE onto my board. I was able to confirm that no pads were shorted together after I first installed it but I was unable to confirm continuity from my pcb pad to EZ-BLE pads since EZ-BLE pads do not wrap up the side of the EZ-BLE board. One of the pads was obviously open circuit to my pcb pads.