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    Apple MFi program for Wi-Fi direct


      I am newbie in both WICED and iOS so please bear with me on this.  I am trying to find a solution to use Wi-Fi direct on iOS to interface with WICED Wi-Fi.  I believe MFI libraries need to used in WICED.  But I am not able to get much information on this.  Do I need to sign up for MFI really?  For audio streaming and Lightning connector, I can understand that MFI libraries will be needed but for sending non-audio packets over TCP or UDP does one need MFI libraries in Wi-Fi WICED?

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          Two options for iOS as Wi-Fi Direct replacement:

          1. iPod Accessory Protocol (iAP). This requires a BT chip for transferring Wi-Fi credentials. This is supported in WICED SDK 2.4.0

          2. Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC). This is supported in 2.4.1 and 3.0.0.


          Both options can be obtained through the MFi portal if you're a licensee. The eval board is WICED+ or WICED BRIDGE which can be obtained from Avnet.


          I'm not an expert in iOS, but for TCP/IP networking you should be able to use the stock standard WICED TCP/IP API, libraries, and daemons.

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            Thanks gerdiman. I could find out code for iAP in SDK.  Can you point me to code of WAC?  I hope WAC won't need a separate BTLE radio.

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