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    The printf() function frozen in new create project

      Hi everyone,


      I am using the CY8CKIT-042 pioneer kit and PSOC Creator 3.2 SP1 to develop my first PSOC application.


      Firstly, I create an example project - BLE HID mouse, after doing the Build and Program, the kit works fine and the Putty on PC can receive the debug message.


      And when I create a new project and revise the _write() for using printf() function (refer to the debug.c of example project), when I do the Debug, the firmware will be frozen at printf(), I found it will run into the infinite loop CY_ISR() in Cm0Start.c.


      I tried the puts() function, it frozen too; It seems to happen when I called the function of stdio.h.


      I have checked the Build Settings of the new project, it is same with the example project.


      please see the attached main.c.


      Aaron Deng