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    PSoC CY8CKIT-049-42xx Serial Communication


      Hello people:


      I am Martin Ortuño from Mexico, I'm new in this PSoC Community.


      Well... righ now I have problems with my recent acquisition, the PSoC CY8CKIT-049-42xx,  I've been trying some tutorials here and in other communities, in this moments I'm trying to probe the UART Communication by sending a char from a Serial Monitor ( 232Analyzer)  in my computer and then sending a char from the PSoC Prototyping kit to the Computer. I am using the UART  v2.30 from the Creator 3.1, a digital output for a LED, and my bootloadable module.


      Then I set the pin for the serial communication and for the LED in the board. Finally I Build the Project, then write the following code:


      #include <project.h>


      char datoRecibido;






          datoRecibido = UART_GetChar();




      int main()
















              if(datoRecibido == '1')










              if(datoRecibido == '0')












      This code is downloaded to the PSoC just fine; however, when I try to put a "1" from  the 232Analyzer, the PSoC doesn't  send the message back.


      I will appreciate all your help.