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    Character LCD Library Broken?

      I've spent the last two days trying to get a basic hello world to display on the a HD44780 character lcd. There is something inherently wrong with this library. 


      So far what I've tried was a PSoC4 pioneer kit & PSoC5LP stick with 2 different LCD modules a 2x16 and a 4x20. Both are cheep Chinese versions so they are probably not a real HD44780.


      I'm using the version 2.10 of the library and I've also tried some of the older versions as well with not luck.


      Just ot verify that the Character LCDs are good, I connected them to an ArduinoUNO and ran their lcd hello world. Both worked with out any issues.


      I hooked up both to a logic analyzer and the waveforms look very very different from the Ardunio LCD Library and the PSoC library. See the attached images.


      Has anyone else seen this? This really should work out of the box. Suggestions for fixing this other than rolling my own LCD library. 

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