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    "Hello Sensor" service is not discovered

      I am using a mac OSX desktop application to connect to WICED Smart - using the stock "hello sensor" application. (RAM).


      The application is doing very basic stuff:

      1. look for devices

      2. connect to the selected device

      3. discover services + characteristics  on the connected device.


      When running the desktop app, I can connect to the device, and can discover the 4 standard services, but can not discover the "hello service" which is identified by a 128bit UUID.


      In the app, I am searching for generic / no filter/ no limitations - so I should see all services.


      Now here is the strange thing:

      Using a 3rd party iOS app (BLE utility by "runware") - I am able to "simulate" the hello_sensor:

      -->The app is actually copying the "hello Sensor" info, and then acts as the device itself.  (very cool feature!)


      When using this device "simulation" - my desktop app detects it, and able to fully detect the "hello service" and characteristics.


      So this somewhat validates my desktop app, but still I need to connect to my real device.


      Any suggestion on how to debug such thing?


      Thank you,