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    Interfacing the FM25C160B


      Hi again.  I wonder if anyone can give some advice on interfacing the Cypress FM25C160B FRAM (SPI) memory chip to a PSOC5.  I tried the straight forward approach of specifying an SPI component and connecting the MOSI, MISO, CLOCK, and specified a processor pin for chip select.  But no matter what I do, I cannot read anything but zeroes out of the FRAM.  Even reading the status register (after setting the WREN bit) returns zero.  Is there some reason why my interface will not work?  I'd appreciate any comments, especially if you have done this.  (By the way the FM25C160B used to be made by a company called Ramtron, but they were bought out by Cypress a few weeks ago.  I have used the FM25C160B devices from Ramtron in a number of PIC applications with no problem, but this is the first time I have tried it with a PSOC.


      Thanks, Russ