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    When the USB to the GPIF transmission is half the size of the DMA buffer transmission failure



      I created a AUTO DMA channel from the USB Endpoint to the GPIF II to transfer data to the FPGA.


      When I was testing the transformation I found that when the data transfer size is half the DMA buffer the FPGA did not receive data.


      But When I transfer again all the data(this time and last time)just received by the FPGA.


      In other case the transfer size is not the half of the DMA buffer the FPGA can receive normal.


      I try to use the CyU3PDmaChannelCommitBuffer API to commit the DMA channel with the same size but still not working.


      By the way my test condition is just on the full speed mode(CYUSB3014 Super Speed line have a problem).


      Is there any other way to avoid this problem?


      Thank you!