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    Terminating DMA


      I'm using the PSoC 5LP to overlay pixels on a 8-bit parallel (BT.656) video stream. I need to synchronize my DMA with the vertical sync signal embedded in the video stream.  I'm using one DMA channel with four TD's.  What is the proper way to reset the entire chain?  Currently, I have the vertical sync signal generating an interrupt.  Here is the ISR:






           CyDmaChSetRequest(DMA1_Chan, CY_DMA_CPU_TERM_CHAIN);   // Terminate the entire chain of TD's


           while(CyDmaChGetRequest(DMA1_Chan));                                               // Wait for the request to be processed.


           CyDmaChEnable(DMA1_Chan, 1);                                                              // Re-enable the DMA channel.