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    Feature request - Keyword search in autocompletion list

      If I could have one wish granted in PSoC Creator, it would be the ability to search the dropdown autocompletion list.


      An easy implementation would be similar to using the CRTL+Space key that currently filters the list, simply use CTRL + F to initiate a filter of the current visible list for any entry containing the letters that you type after CTRL + F.


      For instance, recently I needed to find out how to set the drive mode of a GPIO pin that is already assigned to an I2C component.


      I did find CY_SYS_PINS_SET_DRIVE_MODE eventually by scrolling down hundreds of choices (I didn't even know it started with CY).


      With searching I could have found this unknown to me command simply by typing any letter in the list on a blank line (c is a good bet), backspacing to populate the list to all starting letters, press CTRL + F and then type 'drive'.  I am sure the list would have been filtered down to a few at that point and I would just click what I needed.


      Would this be useful to others?