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    FX2 Suspend Pin States

      I see FX2LP documentation (latest datasheet) shows the pin state of all pins while in reset mode.   There is no documentation that I can see which states that suspend mode is equivalent to a reset state.  I only see mention that "some sub-systems will be in reset" but not that suspend, with respect to pin states, is exactly the same as the pins in reset state.


      For instance, in RESET state (reset asserted) I see the datasheet shows FLAGA-FLAGC will be driven low (show as "L" in reset column, not high Z like most).   This is a useful feature for me - I will not convolute the question with those details.   However, is it true that USB suspend holds the pin states the exact same as the RESET state in the datasheet - or is there any reference as to what the pin states should be?

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          We do not have this info as it is not part of the standard tests.


          The expectation during USB suspend is that all other chips on the board would be turned off / put into deep sleep, in which case the pin state would not matter.


          If you would like to get info on the states of certain pins, please create a support case on our website and we will assist you.