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    How to make I2C master as a SMBUS master : Enabling plug and play of slaves  and timeout in blocking API


      Hi ,


      I am trying to make I2C as a SMBUS Master . I am facing following issues 




      1. Removal insert of  SMBUS slaves make s I2C interfaces to get stuck .- Reason - In ISR I2C master is waiiting for configured number of Slave replies . 


      2. To avoid above issue , we tried Manual mode of I2C interfaces , But now the problem is getting stuck in thye while loop inside API . 




      1. Is there any SMBUS master Blocks in PSOC ? I am only seeing SMBUS slave block .. Why ?


      2. How to add a timeout to PSOC generated APIs??  . I feel I2C API without a timeout is Dangerours , 

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