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      Is that it is  possible to access CY5672 PROC BLE REMOTE CONTROL through CY8CKIT-042-BLE board instead of  USB dongle?. I have flashed the CY5672 PROC BLE REMOTE CONTROL hex file in the CY8CKIT -042-BLE board through USB cable , .I need to know how to configure the CY8CKIT -042-BLE board  has to work as USB dongle,

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          You can use the dongle project (sources!!!) , replace the device with the correct PSoC BLE target, check and change if needed the pinout and you are through. It is of no use to flash a hex-file that was generated for a different device, the internal configuration registers are quite different, you only will get a hazard-o-tron ;-)





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            RDK Dongle has two projects to make it work as HID host:


            “CY5672_Dongle_Bridge” built for PSoC5-LP to act as USB HID. This uses boot loadable mode, so user need to program it using BHT tool. The “CY5672_Dongle_Bridge.cyacd” file in the installer can be used as is.


            On the DVK user need to hold “reset” button while plugging into PC and then follow the steps in CY5672 UG to program it using BHT tool


            “BLE_HID_CySmart_Dongle” built for BLE controller. The part used on the dongle and the part used on the PRoC/PSoC modules of DVK are different and also the GPIO for button is different. Follow below steps to program it to DVK


            Open the “BLE_HID_CySmart_Dongle” project and change it to the BLE part as per the module on the DVK, change the GPIO for user button to “P2.7” in “cydwr” file then build and program.


            This will convert the DVK into RDK dongle and user can connect it with remote control.