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    IO access with CyUSB.dll

      Hi there


      I'm new with the products from Cypress and trying now to build an application with a CY7C68013A. I'm using the CY7C68013A for building a power switch device which can be controlled over USB. The target is to connect the device over USB to a PC and then control the Additional IO's (let's say, toggle an LED) with an C# application from PC side.


      For this application I have included the CyUSB.dll from Cypress. But I can not find any hint how to access the Additional IO's of the CY7C68013A through CyUSB.dll library. Is there somewhere an application note or some code examples which describes how to do this? Or is this not possible with this library at all? If not, is there any other library which I can use?


      I would appreciate any hint. Thanks.