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      Starting from a 24Mhz crystal I need an output on the same frequency but with vcxo capability.


      May I use a CY22800  or do I need a CY22801 ?


      I though that with CY36800 InstaClock could be possible to configure all the features of the chips, but reading


      this post "http://www.cypress.com/forum/programmable-clocks/instaclock-genius-effort" seems different.


      Becouse the CY36800 kit is not currently available on short time, there is a document with the protocol for programming the chips?

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          answer to the first question, CY22800 and CY22801 is the same device, CY36800 (InstaClock) can download the pre-defined function into the CY22800 (including VCXO function)


          currently the InstaClock is not working on Win7/8 windows environment.


          if you need the sample device programmed with the default VCXO setting, we can provide some samples for you.


          please tell us your complete address information if you want to try it.


          Best Regards,



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            Hi, XHT.


            CY22801 is used on our board, and we bought a lot from our chip provider. But from our test, it's not the same function as what we want.


            We want it to be an I2C slave, like datasheet table #2 combination G, that is, pin #3 & #5 are I2C pins.


            We have bought the CY36800, but it needs some time. Can you provide some samle to us(with the I2C functions).



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              This is a developer's forum, Bruce. I would suggest you to get in contact with Cypress directly (Top of this page -> Design Support -> Create a support Case).


              From the datasheet of the CY22801 I can see that the I2C functionality has to be programmed into the chip first. Then pin#3 and 5 can be used as I2C.