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    i2c for ES2

      Hello all,


      I am using PSoC creator Beta 5. The software indicates that the I2C component is only supported by ES3 revisions. I have the ES2 revision. Does this mean that I am out of luck?




      Diode Dan

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           Hello Diode Dan,


          I'm sure that I2C component which comes with Beta 5 of Creator will work with ES2 Silicon. Can you please point me to the exact location where it is mentioned that I2C will work only with ES3 silicon. It may be a bug. We will try to correct it in our next release.







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            I got this information from the datasheet for the I2C component in PSoC Creator! I used the example I2C project for the ES2 silicon, but noticed that it was not generating any I2C signals. I double checked this with my logic analyzer and confirmed that no I2C transactions were taking place.


            I went to the data sheet, and it says the following at the top: "Supports PSoC 3 ES3 silicon revisions and above".


            Is there a way I can get access to the I2C functionality?





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              Hi Diode Dan,




              The statement "Supports PSoC 3 ES3 silicon revisions and above" has been stated to indicate that Beta 5 version of Creator has I2C Component of version 2.0 which can support PSoC3 ES3 revision and above too.


              The previous version of Creator (Beta 4) probably had I2C component which was not supported on PSoC3 ES3 (but supported ES2).


              However the new version of the component is supported on PSoC3 ES2 and ES3 both.


              This version of the component has been used and verified on PSoC3 ES2.


              In case you are not able to get the required waveform, please make sure of the following:


              1) The pins are used in "Open Drain, Drives Low".


              2) Both SCL and SDA are Digital Bidirectional pins.


              3) SCL and SDA are pulled up using external pull-up resistors.




              Let us know if it works.