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    Programming an EZ-BLE ProC Module via an ext. MCU

      Hello everybody,


      we are currently evaluating the possibility to enhance our products with a BLE interface. We want to use a CYBLE-022001-00 for this. I am trying to get a firmware on the module via our main processor (EFM32GG). I used the AN84858 application note as a template for my project (http://www.cypress.com/documentation/application-notes/an84858-psoc-4-programming-using-external-microcontroller-hssp?source=search&keywords=an84858).


      The MCU is connected with the 5-pin debug port on the evaluation board of the EZ-BLE. When  the module is preprogrammed with the PsoC Creator I can easily update the module´s firmware with a heximage from my board. If the flash is erased/ the module is new my code fails in the DeviceAcquire() function. Right after the setting the IMO to 48MHz the PollSromStatus() returns an error. It fails at reading the suitable CPUSS_SYSREQ value.


      I´m only comfortable with programming the EFM32 family yet, so I might have overlooked some details. Maybe someone has an idea.




      Thanks and greetings from Berlin