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    My application doesn't work after reboot

      I made a new RAM application based on the ROM Application proximity_plus. I basically copied the proximity plus code and stripped out the stuff that referred to battery monitor (so the service, nor its gatt table is in the file). When I comile and download the code, and the application starts to run, I hear the familiar beeps that normally appear when the proximity_plus application boots up. When I look up the device on Light Blue iphone app, it shows up as a proximity device and when I look into its service, all the regular proximity_plus services are there except the battery monitor service. I then try to reset the board with the SW4 settings have the middle two switches to off ( to get serial output )and then reset the board. The application doesn't seem to load up this time. If I flip the switch back, and try to redownload the application, it fails on the download attempt. I verified that the UART port is listed in device manager. However nothing comes out of the serial port nor am I able to download.


      I created two recovery targets, one with my application as the build and the other with proximity_plus. When I recovered with my application, it again fails to boot up on reset. I then try to recover with the proximity_plus application and this works fine and the application boots up on reset.


      My question. Is this scenario familiar to your team? Any suggestions to help debug ?