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    What to do with unused pins?

      As I build up my project I see that I have a few unused pins until I enable their specific components.


      For example I have a line that may be used as an interrupting digital input from an I2C slave.  I have actually physically connected the Int line from the I2C slave to port p[3]5 but I have not addressed it in my TopDesign yet.  Until I decide if I want to used that interrupt from the I2C slave, how should I assign that pin in my TopDesign?


      Also, I have a 4 button Capsense slider that I have created on my board and have installed a Cmod capacitor on pin p[4]0 and the slider pads on p[4]1, p[5]0, p[0]5 and p[4]4.  I do not have a CapSense component yet on my TopDesign.  Until I get around to testing this slider, what should I put on the TopDesign for this pins?


      I have tried various combinations of high impedance analog and digital inputs with and without HW connections but find this a rather random procedure since some of those pins are not able to be high impedance digital pins with HW connection which is what my best guess was as to how they should be set in code until I use them.