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    UVC extension class



      I am very new to  cypress FX3 and UVC and currently i am working on UVC Extension unit feature.


      In PC side i am using AMCap player (windows).


      my question is -


      By changing the extension unit descriptor, will it work with AMCap player?


      If yes , what  changes are required in above descriptor ?


      I also confused with  GUID for extension unit. whether it should match with player side GUID ?


      thanks in advance.......

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          For XU (extension unit), GUID from both side should match each other.


          we can implement a number of XU for a single device with different GUIDs.   Using GUID and terminal ID (windex) , we can identify corresponding XU.


          In player side, user should add additional plug-in to invoke XU. This plug-in should verify corresponding XU GUID.