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    When and how to release cooee client Configure API or SourceCode

      Hi All


      I found the demo snip.easy_setup/easy_setup_client/easy_setup_cooee.exe was not open source.

      And the aes_ccm_decrypt in SDK was not open source also.


      For Present Demo Algorithm, we wanna know if the algorithm is standard or encapsulated by broadcom ?


      Calculate Base:

      nonce(8Bytes) + "wiced"(5Bytes)





      Result: Header+CipherText+MIC.

      Result = > Array[N];//CipherTex data was storeed in an Array.


      Multicast Address 4 and 5 store Cipher data.

      802.11Header : Frame:Duration: 01:00:5E:7E:Array[0]:Array[1]:Address2:Adress3

      802.11Header : Frame:Duration: 01:00:5E:7E:Array[2]:Array[3]:Address2:Adress3


      802.11Header : Frame:Duration: 01:00:5E:7E:Array[N]:Array[N-1]:Address2:Adress3


      WICED MODULE filter the Multicast IE header and distill the Array[0-N].

      CipherArray= Array[N];


      Array[0-9], 10bytes is Plain text, we can get nounce 8byte, content length of cipherText.

      Device_secret_key is stored in DCT, we can get, the demo preset value is "abcdabcdabcdabcd"

      AAD is from first 10bytes plain text


      Array[10-N] is ciphered text.

      call "aes_ccm_decrypt" we can get de-encrypted plained text. it is TLV. so we can get ssid and password.

      If the Source code for calculating the CipherTex or static lib of algorithm can be released? So that we can develop the Client Configuration APP.