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    Can Cypress run a high end trilinear CCD sensor?

      Can Cypress devices (I'm thinking the USB 3.0 devices, but correct me if there's a better way) operate and get data from On Semiconductor's (Formerly Kodak) Trilinear CCD sensor, the KLI-8023, specifically the KLI-8023-DAA-ED-AA?


      Its specifications are here: http://www.onsemi.com/pub_link/Collateral/KLI-8023-D.PDF


      It's a linear CCD sensor, so it has an array of 8002 pixels.  Actually it has 3 arrays, R, G, and B, each of 8002 pixels.  It's the type used in a scanner - it is not a 2D CCD like you'd fine in a camera.


      It needs a clock cycle, and analog to digital conversion.  It can run at 6MHz, but I'd be running it at 2MHz (in its higher definition mode.)


      I have a basic, few course, knowledge of electronics and robotics.  I'm very familiar with programming and the math involved.


      Can Cypress's devices hook up to this CCD, and basically let me operate it by software, without me having to put man electronics together?  (I'd much rather write code the solder.)  Would I physically need to do anything besides the CCD, Cypress devices, casing, and optics?


      If so, which boards would I be looking at?  Should I get a development kit, or specific boards?




      I know the Cypress devices can run some CCD's, but I'm hoping someone would be so kind as to look at the specs on this one.  Man CCD's are very inexpensive.  This one is about $1,000, is top-of-the-line, and runs very fast.  Raspberry Pi and Arduino can't handle it.  Even ICPDAS's PCI Express I/O boards can't handle the sampling rate.