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    I2C Bootloaders to CY8CKIT-044




      When i am trying to design I2C bootloader projects for Cy8CKIT-044 by using the Application Note AN86526: I2C Bootloaders (which is specifically written for Cy8CKIT-042 pioneer kit) i am getting few errors.


      This application note contains totally 4 projects:


      1. I2C_Bootloader_Red


      2. Bootloadable1


      3. Bootloadable2 


      4. I2C_Bootloader_Host.


      I could implement first three perfectly. when it comes to the fourth one i am unable to. 


      I am aware that it is something compatibility issues. Since the application note contains procedure or files related to CY8CKIT-042. but i am trying to get it for CY8CKIT-044.


      Can some one suggest necessary changes to be done to make it compatible to CY8CKIT-044. 


      Attaching the screenshot to show the errors.