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    I2C Bootloaders to CY8CKIT-044



      When i am trying to design I2C bootloader projects for Cy8CKIT-044 by using the Application Note AN86526: I2C Bootloaders (which is specifically written for Cy8CKIT-042 pioneer kit) i am getting few errors.


      This application note contains totally 4 projects:


      1. I2C_Bootloader_Red


      2. Bootloadable1


      3. Bootloadable2 


      4. I2C_Bootloader_Host.


      I could implement first three perfectly. when it comes to the fourth one i am unable to. 


      I am aware that it is something compatibility issues. Since the application note contains procedure or files related to CY8CKIT-042. but i am trying to get it for CY8CKIT-044.


      Can some one suggest necessary changes to be done to make it compatible to CY8CKIT-044. 


      Attaching the screenshot to show the errors.

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          use instead an #include <project.h> the former was for earlier Creator versions. Remember to upgrade to Creator 3.3 and update your components to latest versions.





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            Hi Bob,


            I know this is an old post but would like a way to have I2C bootloadability like above but have it connected to a PC using the boot loader host utility instead of standalone. Is there a uart to I2C bridge or c code that I could incorporate in my project? I have a CY8C4245 with a uart and I2C master for my current design but its custom communication with set registers etc. What I would like to do is to be able to upgrade the code "in the field" to four slaves on the i2c bus. If you have any ideas or code you could share or links to point me in any direction would be great. I looked over ALL the documentation and there isn't anything discussing the I2C host side communication. I have worked with the UART bootload with great success to multiple slaves but was a multiplexing UART nightmare and want to avoid the complexity if I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!