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    PSoC Creator 3.3 Macro Callbacks, How to take advange of them?


      I´m checking what's new on Creator 3.3, the New Project Wizard is good, Resource-Meter is really nice (to me), but what i can't quite understand is the Macro Callbacks usage.


      I got an interrupt component attached to an Digital Input Pin (assigned to the SW1 of the 5LP Proto Kit). With Creator 3.2 i just write this on the main.c file:




      and then write my custom code on the merge region on the isr.c file (i can do this on Creator 3.3 aswell) but i was looking to know how to take advantage of this "feature". Now to have the same results using Macro Callbacks i need to make this on the cyapicallbacks.h:




      void isr_Interrupt_InterruptCallback(void); /* Function declaration as Creator Help says*/


      and then need to include cyapicallbacks.h on the main.c file, plus the implementation code of the function:


      void isr_Interrupt_InterruptCallback(void){


      I'm using this right? What other advantages can we have with this feature?


      Thanks in advance