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    Driver FX3 for Windows 10



      I have to test my USB 3.0 - FX 3 - Application with Windows 10. Do you have a new driver, under the newest SDK 1.3.3 I only find drivers for WinXP to Win 8.1?  I'm working with a FX3 on the electronic hardware and the GUI with Cyapi.lib/dll.


      Another question...my application runs under USB 2.0 and with external USB 3.0 Host Controller, but never with USB 3.0 onboard (Intel-Chipset in HP-Desktop). Driver installation was ok, application starts, data receiver and displaying also works but after a few seconds the system crashes. Hardware is tested, also with other interfaces, so I think there is something wrong with the Intel-Driver under Win 7.


      Can you please help me, are there any experiences?