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    How to Disable PUART


      I have been trying to configure and run the SPI_MASTER example, after several iterations I have been able to get it to run, but one problem that I am still having is that the Chip select signal I want to output (different board that I have done a layout on for a custom application), on Port 32 and Port 33, which happen to share the PUART configuration.  I tried to disable the PUART by sending in the following structure:


      BLE_PROFILE_PUART_CFG puart_cfg =


      /*.baudrate   =*/ 115200,

      /*.txpin      =*/ PUARTDISABLE | GPIO_PIN_UART_TX,

      /*.rxpin      =*/ PUARTDISABLE | GPIO_PIN_UART_RX,

      This is what was shown in the example with SPI_MASTER. Where GPIO_PIN_UART_TX =  32, and GPIO_PIN_UART_RX = 33.


      The problem is that I get no output from my Chip select setting that is on Port 32. If I change the Port config to another port (port 4 for example), then the signal output works as expected. I also changed the puart_cfg to use GPIO_PIN_UART_TX =  0, and GPIO_PIN_UART_RX = 2, But still no output on port 32. So it seems like the PUART is somehow being configured on these pins no matter what I do and is not allowing me to use GPIO on these pins.  Please Help!

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          Don't use the puart config at all when registering your application create function.


          bleapp_set_cfg((UINT8 *)gatt_database,


                                 (void *)&app_cfg,

                                 NULL,                           // Don't configure the puart.

                                 (void *)&gpio_cfg,


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            Indeed what was mentioned by arvinds above was correct. The actually problem I was also have in was related to user error -- I was using 1 based port instead of 0, so was trying to configure port 3, pin 0 instead of port2, pin 0.... I'm sure I won't be the only one to make this dumb mistake. Just something to look out for.