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    Creation of BLE Library

              Hi, We are trying to create a BLE Library with a customized profile. But are facing issues in including the Cypress base BLE Library. Please suggest the steps.   
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          What exactly is your problem? Its very simple to create your own profile, juts add a BLE component and edit its configuration. Have a look at AN91162.

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            I have already created a customized profile, and now need to add this piece of code as a C library in the final project. But once I am trying to create a C Library, I am not able to add BLE as a component and moreover I tried adding headers manually but all depenceies are not getting resolved.

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              The requirement is not very clear. Are you trying to create a custom component (based on BLE) with your own custom source files and you want to add this as a dependency on your final project? If so, you fist need to create a library project.  Please refer to component author guide. Once the library project is created, you can add the .cyprj file of this to the main project's dependency.