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    Migration from PSOC3 to PSOC4

      The AN56551 is very close to our application. But this application is no more on Cypress web site and it was designed around a PSOC3 (CY8C3866AXI-040).


      The idea is to buy a PSOC4 dev kit and migrate the AN56551 to it. Is it just replacing the Psoc type in Psoc Creator or does it imply changing the C code that could be specific to the PSOC3 architecture (8051 and Cortex M0 are very different)?


      I am new to the Psoc3  and Psoc4.

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          The considerations -




          1) Moving from Keil to GNU compiler, but C code not substantially impacted.


          2) Total resources required, UDBs, etc.. For example in PSOC 4 there are


          no PGAs, just bare OpAmps, no VDAC, just IDAC.


          3) Comparison table attached.


          4) 8051 core to a M0 core, better.




          Regards, Dana.

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            Thanks for the information.
            I have to investigate the impact of the PGA and VDAC lost for this application.


            May be we will keep the PSOC3.





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              I prefer the PSoC5. The difference is the more modern CPU which comes as an ARM M3 processor, having real stack. The components compared to the PSoC3 are quite the same.





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                Hi Jacques,




                I haven't checked it in detail, but in general the PGA and VDAC are not lost. With the PSoC4 comparator you maybe can build a PGA, and there's also a 7/8-bit DAC if I remember correctly. This is for PSoC 41/42 - I don't know if the 4M series has more analog parts. If pricing doesn't matter you can use a PSoC 5LP as already suggested, but if it would fit into a PSoC4(M) device, I'd consider to use this.









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                  You cannot use the comparator as a PGA unless you can, by using register


                  writes, switch in the compensation cap used in the OpAmp to insure its


                  phase margin does not vanish and you have an oscillator on your hands.




                  Investigation of Register TRM should answer that problem.




                  You can use a bare opamp and a mux and external G setting and feedback


                  R's to effect a PGA.




                  The IDAC with an external R becomes a VDAC, and it can be buffered with


                  an OpAmp configed as a follower.




                  The beauty of Creator it does not take a lot of effort to establish if a port


                  into PSOC 4 will fit, just try it.




                  Regards, Dana.