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    Issue compiling example code in WICED SMART

      I connected WICED SMART and attempted to run example code provided but I keep getting the following error (shown at the end of the log below). Please advice.


      21:13:06 **** Build of configuration blood_pressure_monitor-BCM920732TAG_Q32 for project WICED-Smart-SDK ****

      "C:\\Users\\Carlos\\Documents\\WICED\\WICED-Smart-SDK-1.1.0\\WICED-Smart-SDK\\make.exe" RAM.temperature_sensor-BCM920732TAG_Q32 download UART=COM7

      Compiling spar_setup.c



      Compiling spar_init.c

      Compiling temperature_sensor.c

      No app specific patches. Getting generic patches...



      Linking target ELF

      OK, made elf.

      ..\..\Tools\ARM_GNU\bin\Win32\arm-none-eabi-objdump: section '.data' mentioned in a -j option, but not found in any input file

      Writing Hex image

      OK, made C:/Users/Carlos/Documents/WICED/WICED-Smart-SDK-1.1.0/WICED-Smart-SDK/Wiced-Smart/spar/../../build/temperature_sensor-BCM920732TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20732A0-temperature_sensor-rom-ram-spar.full.hex.

      Call to temperature_sensor_spar_crt_setup @ 00209141



      OK, made C:/Users/Carlos/Documents/WICED/WICED-Smart-SDK-1.1.0/WICED-Smart-SDK/Wiced-Smart/spar/../../build/temperature_sensor-BCM920732TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20732A0-temperature_sensor-rom-ram-spar.cgs. MD5 sum is:

      085d3e6a0e96764764d9b2053d7a64ba *../../build/temperature_sensor-BCM920732TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release/A_20732A0-temperature_sensor-rom-ram-spar.cgs




      Patches start at                  0x00205918 (RAM address)

      Patches end at                    0x00208B1C (RAM address)

      Application starts at             0x00208A08 (RAM address)

      Application ends at               0x00209140 (RAM address)



      Patch size (including reused RAM)      12804 bytes

      Patch size                             12528 bytes

      Application size                        1848 bytes


      Total RAM footprint                    14376 bytes (14.0kiB)



      Converting CGS to HEX...

      Conversion complete



      Creating OTA images...

      Conversion complete

      The system cannot find the file specified.



      Downloading application...

      **** Download failed - Press the reset button on the device and retry ****



      21:13:08 Build Finished (took 2s.785ms)