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      I have some errors in my code.


      I am doing a switch case,  after receiving data from UART.  The compiler isn't so happy doing a muliti character after case like: case 10<EOM>. What alternative could I do.


      I have attached my code.



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          The CASE statement switches on a constant or a single literal.








          So you need to encode the literal expression you have either to a single literal


          or a numeric value.




          Regards, Dana.

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            I have encoded the statement to a single literal.  Though, I still have some errors. I have attached the new code.


            Best regards 

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              You called handl() on line 71 w/o supplying a parameter.




              After compile look at Notice List tab at bottom of screen for the Compiler output,


              read the error, and double click it to highlight the line of offending code.






              Regards, Dana.

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                I do no longer have errors in my code.  But when calling plccom it does not send the request further to my handl function, which results in nothing.  Can anybody see what's wrong with my code?


                My program is attached. 


                Best regards 

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                  Is the sequence "<EOM>" really consisting of the characters '<','E','O','M','>' or is it ment to be the ascii control character for end-of-message which is 0x19. I would suggest you to use the debugger to verify which characters are received.


                  Keep in mind that when you have got once a correct message you will have to reset your logic for a new message.





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                    Not sure, but some minor changes -




                    void handl(uint8 Rx) {
                       // delay
                        switch( Rx ) {
                            case 'A' :
                                Pin_1_Write(1);                     // set pin high ready to send;
                                CyDelay(5);                         // delay
                                CyDelay(5);                         // delay
                                Pin_1_Write(0);                     // set pin low, ready to receive again.
                            case 'B' :
                            case 'C' :
                                Pin_2_Write(1);                      // Set Led hight
                                UART_1_PutString("Contact Server");

                    void plccom( ) {
                        if(UART_1_GetRxBufferSize()  !=  0 ) {

                            Rxbuffer[i++] = UART_1_GetChar();
                        Rx = ' ';
                        if (strstr(Rxbuffer, "10<EOM>") != NULL)  Rx = 'A';

                        if (strstr(Rxbuffer, "1OK<EOM>") != NULL) Rx = 'B';

                        if (strstr(Rxbuffer, "1OK<EOM>") != NULL) Rx = 'C';

                        if (strstr(Rxbuffer, "1OK<EOM>") != NULL) Rx = 'D';  
                        if ( Rx != ' ' ) handl( Rx );

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                      Hi again


                      I got it to work thanks for the advise  (In my way ;)).


                       I want one more application to work.  If entering Case A (receiving 10<EOM>) I want to listen again to the UART, and then if the statement is true (receiving 10k<EOM>) enter case B.


                      The code is attached.  


                      Best regards 

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                        You change the handl() to return a flag if EOM was invoked, set the flag in the EOM CASE,


                        and call the function again with Rx of 'B' if that is true after the first call to handl(). Clear the


                        flag after you execute the second CASE.




                        Just a little advice, indent your code, its difficult to read. Indents


                        occur on test statements, take a look at the attached file in Creator


                        as an example.




                        Regards, Dana.

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                          Hi Ok.


                          After  receiving 10<EOM>. I want to read the UART again  and if receiving 1OK<EOM>  enter case B.


                          How can I do that?


                          Best regards. 

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                            Do you not want to execute CASE A if 10<EOM> received ?




                            Or do you want to execute CASE A when 10<EOM> is received, then


                            if immediately following you get a 10K<EOM> execute CASE B ? Which


                            is the way the code works now.




                            List all possible conditions for executing CASE A and B.




                            The way to see this is to draw a flow diagram to work out the logic, then write the










                            Regards, Dana.

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                              Exactly, I want to execute case A, when 10<EOM> is received, and then I am waiting on a confirm (1OK<EOM>) and when I receive this confirm, I should execute CASE B:




                              If received 10<EOM> execute CASE A,


                              wait for 1OK<EOM>, If  1OK<EOM> is received execute CASE B:


                              But at the moment that's not what the code is doing. When receiving 10<EOM> it correctly executes CASE A, but when I send 10K<EOM> , it does not execute CASE B, but continuing executing CASE A.  


                              Best regards. 

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                                Set a breakpoint in the CASE statement code, say at line 25, and look at


                                Rx and the Rxbuffer, for the case where you think the buffer has "1OK<EOM>"


                                in it.




                                Note you typed


                                    if (strstr(Rxbuffer, "1OK<EOM>") != NULL) Rx = 'B';




                                is "1OK<EOM>" supposed to be typed as "10K<EOM>",


                                eg the second letter is a zero, not the letter O ?




                                Regards, Dana.

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                                  I have now tried to debug both using the PsoC3 debug tool and the printf (UART_PutString).


                                  It seems that Rxbuffer doesn't get all the characters, when sending 1OK<EOM>. What I can see is that it cuts off the first byte,  so this is whats inside the buffer OK<EOM>.-


                                  Yes. it is 1OK<EOM> , I have changed that in the code.    


                                   Thank you ;)