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    Bug in NetX Duo tcpip.c wiced_tcp_listen()

      WICED SDK v2.4.0 (I also looked in v2.4.1 and its still there) in file: WICED\Wiced-SDK-2.4.0\Wiced-SDK\Wiced\Network\NetX_Duo\wiced\tcpip.c, function wiced_tcp_listen(), line 303.  Interface is hard-coded to WICED_STA_INTERFACE.


      The setup: bring up both the STA and AP network.  Start an STA http server.  Now attempt to start an AP http server.  This will fail with a WICED_ERROR returned from wiced_tcp_listen() because the STA socket has already been initialised, and due to the hard-coded interface, that's the only socket checked by wiced_tcp_listen().  I haven't tried it, but I suspect that you could also erroneously create two or more AP http servers because of this bug.


      Effect: Using NetX Duo, I can start both an AP and STA http server only if I start the AP server first, the other way around the AP http server does not start.


      Note: This doesn't occur using NetX