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    PSOC Creator 3.3 compile error in CyLib.h

      Creator 3.3 ( seems to have a bug in the CyLib.h file.




      I've got a PSoC5 project, nothing fancy.. USB and a bunch of FF and UDB timers. Generation works fine but building the application results in two errors in CyLib.h on line 442.




      CyLib.h line 442 looks like this:

      #if(CY_PSOC5)      /***************************************************************************     * Instruction Synchronization Barrier flushes the pipeline in the processor,     * so that all instructions following the ISB are fetched from cache or     * memory, after the instruction has been completed.     ***************************************************************************/      #if defined(__ARMCC_VERSION)         #define CY_SYS_ISB       __isb(0x0f)     #else   /* ASM for GCC & IAR */         #define CY_SYS_ISB       asm volatile ("isb \n")     #endif /* (__ARMCC_VERSION) */  #endif /* (CY_PSOC5) */

      The errors are

      prj.M0120: Build error: 'asm' undeclared (first use this function) prj.M0120: Build error: expected ';' before 'volatile'



      Before I go digging through everything trying to fix this, has anyone else run across this?