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    Can't acquire target

      I am using a FREESOC2 from sparcfun to create a lab support tool.  It allows access to much/all of the functionality of the PSOC5LP.  




      I was programing it and learning more and all was going well.  Then It failed to acquire target.  I downloaded and installed the latest version of Creator, opened Programmer and updated the firmware on the target successfully.  However, Creator still fails to see it.  The debugger shows up on the com port in the device manager so it's there.  However, Creator can not "acquire it".  I also grabbed a spare FRESOC2 and tried to acquire it unsucessfully.  Lastly, this morning I also had to reregister my Keil license which I did.  Any help resolving this would be greatly appreciated.  The PSOC solves so many lab integration problems for me...