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    USB Device Unkown with USBUART_1_cdc.inf file



      I am working on a project using the USB_UART module, and I am having some difficulties with the device driver.


      I have created and used a project for the CY8C58LP module on the CY8CKIT-001 developement kit, and used the USBUART_1_cdc.inf file in it's generated sofware folder. This device driver works, and the PC can connect to the PSoC device just fine.


      I've used the same code and USB_UART module for another project (same code, different hardware), this time for the CY8C5666LTI-LP005 chip on a custom PCB. This project compiles and programs to the board just fine.  I should note that I am programing this chip with the 5pin Miniprog connected to a custom 5pin cable on a usb micro connector. 


      Using a separate usb micro cable (which is standard 4 wires) I now try to connect my PC to this device, with the appropriate USBUART_1_cdc.inf file,  and I get Device Unknown, even when I try to get the Device manager to specify that custom driver.




      Geven that these project are as identical as I can make them, and the USB ports are connected just the same ( D- to P15.7  and D+ to P15.6 for both), and I see appropriate USB signals on my custom pcb, I feel that there might be something wrong with the device driver, given the chip change.


      Can anyone recommenced any steps to follow to get this device driver working?




      Thank you






      PS:  attached is my USBUART_1_cdc.inf file for the CY8C5666LTI  in  .txt format