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    P4 I2C Dual Image In-App Bootloader Examples


      New with Creator 3.3 you can not create dual image bootloaders easily on PSoC4 devices.  I put together a couple examples using I2C and EZI2C to help people get started!  Here are some of the features that are covered in these examples:




      1) Dual Image In-Application Bootloading – Allows loading a new image from within the executing application image.
      2) P4 Dual Image Optimization – Enables Link time optimization, and shows an example of API inline optimized code in order to make the dual image bootloader a much more viable solution for 32k devices.
      3) Launcher ONLY bootloader – Bootloader contains no communication interface to save code space.
      4) SCB dynamic reconfiguration between I2C and EZI2C – Allows a project that uses simple EZI2C to still use the bootloader component which only supports I2C.
      5) In-Application Image Switching – Allows a device to jump between images based on external stimulus (pseudo-dynamic reconfiguration).




      The full project can be found in the attached ZIP, with a short word doc describing a few more details on the project.  All projects were tested on the PSoC4A Pioneer Board CY8CKIT-042, with Miniprog3, PSoC Creator, Bootloader Host Tool and Bridge Control Panel.